RW: Welcome (Back) to Las Vegas

Guess what folks? It’s fun post time again!

My dear friend Donald, actually my first friend at Loyola (remember when you pretended to be shy for about an hour at summer orientation?), are going to co-blog about the newest season of the show that started it all, MTV’s The Real World. You can read Donald’s latest posts about Real World XXV: Las Vegas (and perhaps watch an episode or two) to catch up.

Let me just start off by pointing out how MTV refuses to acknowledge the fact that they already did a season in Vegas. They used to be good at that kind of thing—remember “Back To New York“? Ahh Coral!—but they didn’t refer to Real World XXIV as “Back To New Orleans”, and now apparently they think we’ve forgotten all about Steven, Trishelle and the rest of the gang. I for one did not.

Let me also start off by saying this is the first season in a long time that immediately caught my attention. They hadn’t even finished introducing the cast in the first episode and I was hooked. Maybe it was the extremely well-done previews, but it’s like MTV realized what a gold mine they have with Jersey Shore so now all their shows are going to be just as dramatic, trashy and addicting. What America wants to see is young hot twentysomethings getting inappropriately drunk and acting accordingly, and that’s exactly what we have here.

So Donald’s and my “theme” is going to be the top 10 things we learn from each episode. (Looks like we agree on a few things, DO!) After last night, we have learned the following:

1. Never smash a bottle in a club.

One would think this was a common sense kind of thing, if one were not Adam.

2. Never smash a bottle in the very nice hotel suite MTV is letting you stay in.

See above.

3. Never remove your clothing in a club.*

* Unless you are in a strip club and you are in fact the stripper.

4. Working is not as fun as partying.

I know, duh, but seriously, I hate when MTV shows the casts of these shows “working”. We don’t want to see them being upstanding individuals, we want to see them taking shots! (It was actually adorable though when Mike handed the boss his resume, and it was actually very amusing when Naomi “got lost” on the job.)

5. Never assume you are the only person with a “past”.

Adam tried to pull the whole woe-is-me, I’m-so-tortured act, when in truth it seems like Mike and Dustin might have equally if not more interesting stories to tell.

6. “Smush” is now an official slang term for engaging in sexual intercourse.

I may be one of the only people who noticed or cared about this, but I thought it was interesting that Dustin referred to having sex with Heather as smushing. That is straight out of Jersey Shore, further proving my theory that Jersey Shore is taking over the world. Next thing you know smushing won’t even get the red squiggly underline signifying the misspelling of a word.

7. Sex changes everything.

Naomi was right in her confessional when she was talking about Dustin and Heather taking their “relationship” to the next level. As much as everyone likes to brush off sex as no big deal these days, it is a big deal and it alters the dynamic completely. Preach on Naomi!

8. Don’t try to read a book in a common area of any Real World/Road Rules/Challenge house/mansion/hotel suite.

Poor Mike Mike was interrupted by Adam, but I really like what he said to him: “I accept you but I don’t accept drunk you.” That is true in the real real world too, Mike Mike. So wise.

9. Throwing up in public is never okay.

This kind of behavior was only mildly acceptable in college, after that it is just trashy. Period.

10. Just say you’re sorry to the large black man who could and would most likely kick your @ss.

The thing is, I can’t tell yet if the castmates on this season are seriously fantastic actors, seriously good at playing up their stereotypes, seriously that stupid, or all of the above. Either way they make for a great hour of television, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

SPOILER ALERT! Donald and I happen to know for a fact that one person will get sent home this season, because one of Donald’s and my Loyola classmates will take their place. (Loyola likes to send its students off to many an MTV reality show, i.e. Peter on The Challenge: Fresh Meat II). It looks like Adam is the most likely candidate to get the boot; who do you think it will be?


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