RW: New Levels of Stupidity

I didn’t think it was possible, but Nany, Adam and the rest of the Real World: Las Vegas gang reached fascinating new levels of stupidity last night at the Hard Rock hotel. The stupidity was so astonishing that I watched the after show because of Nany’s tweeted promise that it would “explain a lot” of said stupidity. I should’ve known better than to believe her. 

This week’s lessons:

1. Do not try to be all “gangsta” when yelling at the large, wise black man.

Nany sounded and looked like an absolute fool when she was yelling at Leroy, bopping her head around and flailing her arms, for breaking the cups. I actually cringed.

2. When your public drunken behavior has reached violent levels you should apologize to all those affected, i.e. the nice man letting you party for free every night in his fancy Vegas club.

Adam acted genuinely surprised that he wasn’t going to be allowed back in Vanity (again, why do they go there 4 nights a week?) and he didn’t even try  to apologize to Randy the club owner. He clearly has an issue with authority, but I suppose juvi will do that to you. Or it’s the reason he ended up in juvi in the first place.

3. Do not blame all of your present actions on your past.

Leroy does a good job of calling Adam out on this. Honestly, breaking a glass in your house or in a club is not directly linked to those rough 3 years during which you were in jail for doing something, well, illegal. You had issues before that, and you will continue to have issues long after this; your “past” cannot be your excuse for everything.

4. You don’t have to be anybody else.

These sage words came from Leroy after asking Mike Mike about his first experience getting a bunch of girls’ numbers at the club. He follows that up with “What I do isn’t that cool”. What a wise, self-aware, honest man.

5. If you have a point to prove, do it calmly yet effectively.

(A lot of this week’s lessons come from Leroy, I think I’m developing an obsession.) Leroy could’ve just snapped at Adam, screaming at him with every other word bleeped out like most MTV show stars, but instead he chose to calmly make his point while doing exactly what Adam did and expecting the same outcome. Eventually everyone—except for Nany, there is just no hope for that girl—saw the light and agreed Adam should be punished. Perhaps Leroy should pursue a law degree?

6. Some guys really only want sex.

For example, Adam. I could not believe my ears when Nany kept saying how much she really cared about him and she didn’t realize it until he left and how he might be relationship material and blah blah VOMIT. All. He. Wanted. Was. To make you break up with your boyfriend. And have sex with you. And THEN, she was actually surprised that he had a girlfriend at home the whole time! Ugh, I can’t.

7. There are ways to do a sexy Halloween costume without just wearing underwear.

Now I KNOW some of you are thinking, “Kate, really? You love slutty Halloween costumes.” Correction: I like to wear sexy, creative Halloween costumes. I would never just wear a straight-up bikini with sequins and pretend it’s something. (Although my latest idea for Halloween 2011 is a showgirl…)

8. I really need to attend the Fetish & Fantasy Ball sometime soon.

In a sexy, creative, non-slutty costume of course.

9. It’s not so bad being the sidekick.

Mike Mike is probably the most interesting person on the show. While Leroy is clearly so experienced and right about everything, Mike Mike has the most compelling past—parents in jail, basically raised by his friends, quotes The Great Gatsby in everyday conversation and he has epilepsy (he tweeted during the episode that he wasn’t at the Fetish & Fantasy Ball because of his seizures. Say it with me now: Awww!).

10. When in doubt, make a fort.

Simple as that.

PS Didn’t Donald and I warn you about someone going home? I was really hoping it wouldn’t be Adam just to change up the total predictability of this show, but alas. Here comes Heather, Donald’s and my fellow Loyola ’10 graduate, and from Naomi’s tweets the night this episode aired and the previews for next week it looks like she does not make an excellent first impression. Can’t wait to see what happens next, and as always don’t forget to check out what Donald has to say! #GoGreyhounds


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