RW: Drama, Drama, Drama

The amount of overreacting and over analyzing on the latest episode of Real World XXV is enough to make me, the sometimes queen of overreacting and over analyzing, want to SCREAM. The cattiness of Nany and Naomi alone makes me ashamed to be a girl.

In this episode we get introduced to “Cooke”, known to Donald and I as Heather. (Let me just say how super cool it is to know someone on The Real World. I have absolutely nothing to do with nor do I benefit from her being on TV, and we weren’t even good friends, but it’s still friggin’ cool. Poor “Cookie” was immediately, completely and utterly ganged up on by the other females in the house, and their heinous behavior prompted quite a few of this week’s important life lessons.

1. Get off your high horse.

It’s an oldie but goodie. No one wants to hear what you have to say when it’s so obvious that you think you are better than them, which you, Naomi and Nany and even Heather, are not.

2. Give the new person in your life the chance to open his or her mouth before you decide they are not worth your time or energy.

The roommates didn’t want a new person in the first place so whoever walked in that door was going to be hated on at first, but this was so extreme. Strangely enough it was Adam of all people who pointed this out while on the phone with Nany. (He’s still a scum bag, just a slightly smarter scum bag than we thought.)

3. Once the new person does open her mouth and you don’t like what she has to say give her a few minutes or, you know, days, before you completely write her off as a vicious man-stealing bitch.

Yes, Cooke made a few slightly obnoxious comments about the guys in the house but, um, who wouldn’t in this situation? She’s just dipping her toe in the water and feeling you all out, exactly like you’re doing to her.

4. The he-said-she-said bullsh!t always gets convoluted.

Notice how Cooke said “We should break that up”, then Nany and Naomi repeated it to Heather only making it sound much worse in order to solidify their collective hatred of Cooke, then Heather rehashed it to Dustin as “We need to change that”. Then Dustin complained to Mike, then Mike told Heather what Dustin said but again made it sound much worse, then Heather confronted Dustin and so on and so on and so on and all this whispering and secret convening happened in a matter of hours while poor Cooke was still unpacking. #Pathetic.

5. Don’t act like you can handle casual hookups but get upset when your guy has another girl on his lap.*

*And don’t take that anger out on the girl who had NO idea you and the guy ever hooked up.

NAOMI. At WHAT point did you tell Cooke that you and Leroy hook up, miss I-don’t-care-if-Leroy-sleeps-with-other-girls? I know I’m being a little defensive on behalf of my fellow Hound but honestly the girl is not a mind reader. Not so sure about your little arrangement with Leroy now are you?

6. Never hook up with someone right in front of someone you currently hooking up with/have hooked up with in the past.

I have to play devil’s advocate here. Even though Leroy didn’t even hook up with Heather, this is just in general: No one likes to see someone they like/liked kiss someone else. No one.

7. You don’t want to be known as the girl who breaks people up.

Cooke was a little wrong here (which she acknowledges! Kinda!) saying it to the roommates and then to her friend on the phone. Why would you want to make a name for yourself as someone who purposely comes between people?

8. When you have deliciously sculpted 6-pack abs be sure to walk around shirtless as often as possible.

Dustin. Zito. Yum.

9. It is actually OKAY that some girls get along with guys better than they get along with girls.

Naomi and Nany’s attitudes are truly astounding when they want to know why Cooke isn’t trying to get to know them better and only hanging out with the guys. Oh right, because you ladies are oh-so-welcoming.

10. Be honest, be blunt.

My love for Leroy grows with each word he says. All jokes aside, he seems like the sole member of this cast with his head screwed on right. Hearing about his family back story makes me respect him even more.

Well, looks like the Heather drama has only just begun judging by the previews for the rest of the season. Make Loyola proud, Cookie! As usual, don’t forget to check out Donald’s thoughts on our classmate and all the nonsense she brought with her!


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