RW: Hypocrite City

I would like to formally propose a nickname change for Las Vegas from “Sin City” to “Hypocrite City”, at least as it applies to the seven morons in the penthouse suite at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. I am BEYOND fed up with the behavior of all Real World cast members.

(Donald and I didn’t post last week because we are both extremely important, busy individuals so these are our combined reactions to last week’s and this week’s episodes. I’m also going to change up the format a bit.)

How Everyone on Real World XXV: Las Vegas is a Hypocrite (in order from biggest to smallest hypocrite):


“You I have no respect for because a roommate, really?” Um. Heath? Remember that time when you hooked up with Nany, who ALSO happens to be a roommate and who ALSO happens to be a girl, IMMEDIATELY after “breaking up” with Dustin for hooking up with guys? REMEMBER THAT?


I just can’t stand the girl in any way shape or form. As my dear friend Cathy pointed out so eloquently via Twitter about Nany’s chats with the homeless kids: “Oh @NanyMTV are you homeless?! Pretty sure you don’t relate that much.”


As you all know Mike Mike is usually one of my favorites, but this week he royally pissed me off by reprimanding Cooke for what she did with Dustin. This coming from the roommate most opposed to Dustin and Heather’s “relationship” in the first place.


I’m so glad Miss Naomi feels qualified to give Heather advice on not hooking up with Dustin anymore because he’s bad news, or whatever, when I guarantee she will hook up with Leroy again after having her little STD/pregnancy scare.


“All I can think about is kissing Cooke.” “Heather is playing with my mind.” “Cooke.” “Heather.” “Cooke Heather Cooke Heather Heather Heather Cooke” BLAH BLAH BLAH. #Overit #You’renotthatcuteanymore


I swear I’m still trying to be Team Loyola here but I don’t love how Cooke behaved about the whole hooking-up-with-Dustin extravaganza. First of all, sticking out her tongue in an attempt to look seductive? Ew. Second of all, telling Heather that all she did was “kiss goodnight in the cab” and that she didn’t mean to upset her is a total and complete crock of sh!t. You know damn well you wanted to hook up with Dustin from the get-go—admit it (out loud, to others, not just in the confessional), own it and move on from it, don’t have a sappy little venting sesh with Heather and say “I’m sorry I love you” to the girl!


He had a great line in this week’s episode about—what else?—Dustin and Heather: “Get the f*ck over the b!tch!” But he too annoyed me by saying Cooke shouldn’t have done what she did. He too is not a fan of Dustin and Heather, so I just don’t get it! (Still love you boo <3)

I have one more thing to say about these fools (this week): I cannot wait to watch them all on their first challenge.

Don’t forget to check out Donald’s thoughts and feelings!


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