RW: What I’ve Learned from 7 Strangers

Alas, the time has arrived for yet another season of Real World to come to a very anti-climactic end. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in the last few episodes—what happened to all the cat fights, makeouts, breaking of things and all around inappropriateness? Anywho, Donald and I need to wrap up our little co-blogging project somehow so we have decided to reflect on what we learned from each of these eight strangers picked to live in a house for the deliciously dramatic 25th season of the first-ever reality television program.

In order from most to least annoying:

Nany: What can I say, the girl annoyed the mess out of me from day one. From her I have learned one thing, something I already knew but don’t always admit to: Girls can be unbelievably malicious to one another, and it needs to STOP.  After seeing the way this girl acted toward and talked to/about all the other girls in the house, I have promised myself that I will control my own catty tendencies as much as possible from now on. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

Heather: Does the expression “dumb as a post” mean anything to you? Heather brought absolutely nothing to the table—or house, in this case—except for unrealistic statements about her and Dustin’s star-crossed-lovers romance. Vomit. So from Heather, I learned another thing I know girls do but don’t always own up to: Some girls, sometimes, get TOO wrapped up in guys TOO quickly. Just sleeping together does not a relationship make.

Adam: Are you surprised that Adam was not first on this list? So am I. After looking back on the season, though, I realize that while Adam’s behavior was very douchebag-y at least it was amusing, whereas Nany’s and Heather’s behavior was just painful to watch and listen to. From Adam I learned, or rather solidified that I already knew, to never break bottles in clubs. On purpose. It’s just a good standard to live by, you know what I mean?

Mike: Ah, Mike Mike. I had such high hopes for him in the beginning because he is one of the first real, intelligent human beings MTV has ever put on the show, but his stock slowly plummeted as his ugly, hypocritical and judgmental side slowly emerged. So from Mike Mike I learned to be less hypocritical and judgmental of others. Just because I do something a certain way or think a certain way does not mean everyone else has to do or think that way, as difficult as that may be to accept at times. (What a grown-up moment, Kate! Kudos.)

Dustin: I suppose the obvious lesson here would be to never do porn, but I’d like to dig a little deeper. It seems to me that Dustin never owned up to anything he did wrong; it was always the world against him and everyone else out to get him. So from Dustin I learned to own up to my flaws and acknowledge that I am, on occasion, wrong. (It doesn’t happen often, just saying.)

Naomi: Naomi is another one I started off really liking, she seemed like a pretty cool chick, but she too disappointed me with her behavior toward Cooke. She showed herself to be a total follower in that situation because she just did/said whatever Nany and Heather did/said. How do we even know if that’s really how Naomi felt about Cooke? So from Naomi I learned that it is o-kay to not agree with your friends when they are mad about something which you are not, and it is o-kay if you are mad about something which your friends are notDifferences of opinions, they really do exist.

Cooke: #TeamLoyola! #GoGreyhounds! Heather is second-to-last on this list because she only really did 2 things to annoy me: claiming Dustin as hers in a very obnoxious manner as soon as she walked in the door, and that weird tongue thing. I truly felt sorry for the girl when the others attacked her, and after that whole drama she didn’t do much of anything. So from Heather I learned that a little bit of confidence goes a long way, and it is not necessary nor classy to blab around that you can turn gay guys straight or get any guy you want, etc. (But… #GoGreyhounds!!)

Leroy: My darling, wise and loyal Leroy. My love for him grew even more in the finale when he found out about his friend’s death—the emotion he displayed was so raw and real it made me cry my head off. (Granted it’s been quite the emotional week, or month, or you know, year, for me. But still.) He remains one of my favorite MTV people of all time because he spoke the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth at all times, which brings me to what I learned from him and what I learned from the season overall: The best possible thing you can be is honest.

In conclusion I would like to leave you with some extraordinarily wise words I once heard in the cinematic masterpiece known as The Hangover, words which I feel apply perfectly to this season of the Real World: “We all do dumb sh!t when we’re f*cked up.”

And now, if you will please direct your attention to the two absolutely thrilling sneak peaks of the latest installment of pure MTV trash starting Wednesday June 22 at 10: The Challenge: Rivals. I. Cannot. WAIT!


4 thoughts on “RW: What I’ve Learned from 7 Strangers

  1. Some girls, sometimes, get TOO wrapped up in guys TOO quickly <—- Couldn't be truer. I've somewhat lost my interest in Real World and have not been keeping up with this season but being that I work for Chippendales in Vegas and my blog is all about the backstage craziness that goes on it seems I have made a mistake. Reading this is kind of making me regret not watching! Do you know where I can catch the reruns?

    1. Thanks for the comment sexsinthecity, I am definitely going to check our your blog now! I think most of the episodes are on and also OnDemand. My go-to TV show site used to be but I just heard they were shut down so I’m not sure who else would have them 😦

      And Donald – I have actually been to Vegas but I was 8 years old, so I didn’t get quite as wild as these folks!

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