SYTYCD Season 8 Top 14

We are doing a bit of a switcharoo from last week; I am the one who actually watched the latest episode of SYTYCD whilst Er was off frolicking in the mountains of Massachusetts. So here are my thoughts on the top 14 of season 8:

OMG TRAVIS WALL IS A GUEST JUDGE. OMG. SO CUTE. AWWW HE’S SO EXCITED! OMG. Wait, EW, why is Carmen Electra a guest judge as well? Good grief she looks awful. As does Cat; I actually hate her outfit. Did she pull that from her closet circa 1998? That half-turtleneck thing is NEVER okay, let alone in short-sleeved format AND a dress, and did she just FORGET to do her hair? The only thing that looks okay is her makeup. (My I’m being ruthless aren’t I?)

Boy routine

Group routines are in general more appealing to me because of all the opportunities they have to be completely together and dance as one unit (although a good sexy ballroom number always gets me as well), and that’s exactly what the guys did here. Shirts being off didn’t hurt their cause. Kudos boys, kudos!

Melanie and Marko

At first I didn’t love this routine, but while listening to the judges’ reactions I realized they really did do a nice job with it. Very passionate walking. I just like their other dances so much better, so maybe it’s the fault of the choreographer, but anything from these 2 is sure to be spectacular.

Sasha and Alexander

I was going to say this looked a little off, like just not quite as sharp as it should have been, but I wasn’t going to get as harsh as the judges. I mean DAMN, they really let them have it. There definitely wasn’t enough “swag”, which Sasha usually has lots of so I don’t know what happened there, and Alexander was way too busy mugging for the cameras to remember that he was supposed to be connecting with his partner. And again, why is Carmen Electra there? She has absolutely nothing substantial to contribute. “Ohhh, wow, yeah.. It was okay.”

Jordan and Tadd

I was a bit distracted by the insane sparkle of her costume and the insane amount of fake hair on her head, but I was overall surprised at how good this was. The waltz is NOT easy people, as we have seen time and time again on this show, and while this particular waltzing couple could have been a tad (ha! get it?) smoother their lifts and their overall connection were very, very on-point. I only wish Nigel would STOP being so amazed at how Tadd is “a hip-hop dancer! Doing ballroom! What a thing!” Over it.

Clarice and Jess

This is the first time I really, really liked these 2; I guess I’m just a sucker for slow contemporary routines set to gut-wrenchingly sappy songs. But I finally saw what the judges see in Clarice, so hopefully she keeps that up.

Ryan and Ricky

You know, I used to think Ryan looked a bit too desperate when she danced. Like, she’s tried out for this show so many times and didn’t make it and now that she’s here she’ll actually kill people to win, but she really impressed me in this routine. I think this weird creepy jazz thing is truly her element, I just can’t believe anyone could think up a dance to that horrendous song. Shut UP Carmen Electra.

Ashley and Chris 

No. Nothing about this was acceptable. The were completely out of sync with each other and with the song. It was all just…Wrong. Bottom 3, no doubt.

Caitlyn and Mitchell

Welcome to the party kids! This is also the first time I’ve really noticed and accepted these 2 as part of the competition, but there they are. I may or may not have fallen asleep during this routine but it was through no fault of the dancers.

Girl routine

They too were fantastically together the whole time; I mean WOW, all those legs kicking at the same time was somethin’ else. That funeral theme was way creepy, BUT this isn’t So You Think You Can Choreograph, which some people seem to forget, so that’s all I’ll say.

Oh, and re: Nigel exclaming that “Katherine McCormick [from season 6] got a great role in Step Up 4″ — they are really making a 4th Step Up movie? I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT, I mean, that’s so silly. Ha ha.

(Annnddd I just adore when I’m right—peace out Ashley and Chris!)


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