If You Were Here

If you were here, you would be beside yourself knowing I now work and live in New York City. You would come up with every and any excuse to come in for work (but you might actually be retired by now) or for fun when really all you want to do is check up on me. You would think I am paying too much for that apartment, but you would be excited nonetheless. You would be thrilled any time I go on work trips.

If you were here, you would really like my boyfriend. You would think he is a smart ass, which he sort of is, but you would appreciate that because you were too, and you would enjoy talking to him. You would be hesitant to admit it but you would know he is perfect for me. You would like his parents almost as much as you would like him. You would be amazed and jealous (in a good way) that his dad is in a blues band, and you and Mom would probably go to all of his shows. You would love the food and beer selection at the one restaurant/bar they play at every weekend, and the four of you would go head-to-head to determine who knows the most obscure music trivia. You might win, but his dad would give you a run for your money.

If you were here, you would be amazed at how much Zoe has grown up. You would sing all kinds of goofy songs to her and she would grunt at you for doing so because she doesn’t really like when people sing. You would laugh at the way she analyzes my and Mom’s jewelry and how eager she is to help us with our makeup (“you need more!”). You would make jokes about her liking Mom better than you, so you would be ecstatic any time she preferred to be held by or hang out with you. You would look at her and remember me as a little girl, and you would tell me all the ways in which we are alike.

If you were here, you would still be irrationally excited about being able to legally drink alcohol with me. You would suggest brew pub after brew pub after brew pub and Mom would roll her eyes at us any time we went for a second glass. You would have a longer list of restaurants you want to go to than I do now, and you would have a coupon for every single one.

If you were here, would you still be pestering me about going to grad school or would you be satisfied with my place in the working world, or both? Or neither? Would you think I am doing the right things with my life? Would you be disappointed that I never followed through on moving to Chicago? Or going back to Rome?

If you were here, would you be proud of me?

If you were here, you would be 67 years old today. And you would be here.


One thought on “If You Were Here

  1. He would be proud of you… Knowing that your doing what you want… knowing your young and still have time to do those things you haven;t done yet.

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