I’m re-watching Sex and the City: Seasons 4-6

Season 4: Poor Aidan

And the world continues to revolve around Carrie, who thinks she can so easily get back the man whose heart she shattered — which I suppose she does, you know, get him back — AND expects him to be totally fine with her more-than-friendship with Big — which I suppose, you know, he is, in a way. At least her hair starts to look horrible again. A horrible personality deserves horrible hair.

As for the others, Charlotte and Trey fix the “little” impotency problem and move on to a new problem: babies. I have expressed fears about this topic, and this season of SATC is partially to blame. What if, one day, I do decide I want babies, lots of ’em, and I can’t get pregnant, like Charlotte? Or I can’t stay pregnant, also like Charlotte (see season “6A” below)? And what if my husband turns into a horror like Trey when I can’t get or stay pregnant? Do I even believe in adoption? I just don’t KNOW!


On a more serious note: I associate the “emotional side” of SATC with Samantha having breast cancer and Carrie moving to Paris in season “6B”, and I often forget about the very moving thirty minutes in season 4 when Miranda’s mother dies. She calls Carrie to tell her the news and Carrie offers to bring her a black dress for the funeral, but Miranda says she’ll just buy one and never wear it again. I have tons of black clothing, but for my dad’s funeral I too wanted to buy a new black dress knowing I would never wear it again. But I can’t get rid of it because I am my father’s daughter after all and I cannot throw something out that I only wore once.

There is something Carrie says when they are at the funeral that has always stuck with me, regarding Samantha showing her emotional side:

“She cried for everything she couldn’t say, and for things she didn’t even know she felt.”

And then stupid useless Carrie breaks poor Aidan’s heart AGAIN. I know I’ve said I’m Team Big but that’s only because he and Carrie and their stupid emotional problems deserve each other. Aidan is such a NICE guy, an ideal boyfriend, and Carrie never deserved him. It used to scare me that that kind of thing would happen to me when the time came for a wonderful guy to want to be with me forever, like I would just freak out and get all “no no no go away don’t give me a ring don’t move in” on him. I no longer have that fear, thank goodness, as long as there are no pear-shaped diamonds or wedding dress rashes.


Side note: In an episode after the second and final Aidan breakup, Carrie tells a realtor that her studio apartment on the Upper East Side (even though they filmed in the West Village) costs $750 a month. $750. A. MONTH. Abosotively posalutely no friggin’ WAY! Not even in 2001, and definitely not with that closet.


Oh yea, and Miranda has a baby.

Season 5: The Worst Season Ever

For some reason the fifth season only had eight episodes, but I am far from sad about that because the fifth season of SATC is the WORST season of any show ever. (Okay, maybe not as bad as Buffy season 6, but almost). First of all, it seems the makeup artist from first season returned with a vengeance and a krimper-happy hairdresser sidekick. Carrie’s initial drastic hair cut at the end of fourth season was totally cute and actually age-appropriate, but in fifth season it rears its ugly head. So to speak. I hate to use this word, but she just looks so…cheap.


Second of all, I have never liked the relationship between Carrie and Berger. Despite what she says upon meeting him they have absolutely zero “spark” and he is consistently annoying, insecure and needy. But most of that is in season “6A”.


Fifth season is also the height of Carrie’s unbelievable self-centeredness and lack of caring about absolutely any problems, thoughts and/or lives other than her own. Charlotte’s divorce? Not as important as Aidan moving out. Miranda’s baby? Not as important as Big. She is even mean to Samantha re: her stupid book cover styling/walking in on Samantha with a man friend — I mean, learn how to knock!

Season “6A”: Berger Bad

Yes, you read that right: 6A. HBO decided to split season 6 into two parts even though both parts had enough episodes to just be called seasons “6” and “7”. I know, wild idea.

Anywho, season “6A” is home to the worst relationship in the show’s history: Carrie and Berger. Jack Berger’s annoying personality quirks are all too similar to — and as annoying as — Carrie’s, making them completely incompatible. But, I have to say, the post-Post-it breakup episode is one of the best things ever.


Also, I got extremely choked up watching Harry propose to Charlotte at the Jewish singles mixer. She just deserves all the happiness in the world, okay?!

Season “6B”: Tearjerker Central

I cried more during season “6B” than seasons 1-5 combined. The episodes with Charlotte’s miscarriage but she goes to Brady’s birthday party anyway, Samantha’s breast cancer and her telling the girls at Miranda and Steve’s wedding, even Carrie’s impending move to Paris, really get to me because they show the friendship that has existed between these women all along.

SATCseason6a SATCseason6b

Why am I not talking about “The Russian,” a.k.a. Aleksandr Petrovsky, you ask? Well, I answer, because he grosses me out. He was way too old for Carrie, and if she and Berger had no chemistry then she and The Russian practically repelled one another. Of course I loved when Big swooped in and saved her in Paris, but it was a total letdown when we finally found out his name: John Preston. Don’t you think it should have been something really distinguished, like…Richard? Kenneth? Ulysses? (Kidding on that last one, ew.)

Side note: I started watching Oz, another HBO classic, for the first time while re-watching SATC and I noticed that HBO sure liked to re-use their actors. A main Oz character, Ryan O’Reilly, was Carrie’s loverboy for an episode or two; his aunt on Oz was Steve’s mother (who is apparently Ben Stiller‘s mom in non-TV life); an Oz AIDS patient was another one of Carrie’s loverboys in the Hamptons episodes; etc. etc. As my boyfriend’s mom likes to say: It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.

So what have I learned from re-watching all six (but really seven) seasons of Sex and the City? Well, some of the things that annoy me about Carrie are some of the things that annoy me about myself, so I guess I know what to work on now that I have seen those things from another angle. Also, friends are important. Real, actual friends, whose happiness you genuinely care about and vice versa, who share the same views as you do in terms of what friends can and should do for each other while still bringing variety and fun and excitement into your life. So hold on to the good ones.

All right, now what should I re-watch next?!


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