Yes, I’m still talking about Sex and the City

Remember that time I re-watched every episode of every season of Sex and the City thanks to my new best friends Roku and HBO GO? Well that and my ever-growing lists of NYC restaurants I am desperate to try/already love have inspired me to share with you, my faithful readers, what famous Sex and the City locations I have been to (and thus feel very cool about), and which ones I still need to visit.


Brasserie 8 1/2 (57th between 5th & 6th)

Carrie and Stanford were here in the beginning of the episode with Margaret Cho, a.k.a the episode with Carrie “modeling” and falling face first on the runway, and Carrie says it’s “the place to see and be seen” or something equally obnoxious. I can’t imagine it being much of a scene because I feel like it’s more of an actual restaurant than a club/lounge/bar, and I was there around 6:30 p.m. as opposed to 11, but the food (particularly the duck) was very good and the staircase (where they filmed) is quite nice. Brasserie 8 1/2 is owned by the Patina Restaurant Group, which also owns my all-time favorite restaurant ever in the world: Panevino in Livingston, NJ. Panevino is the kind of restaurant for which I recommend absolutely every single item on every version of every menu they’ve ever had.

Central Park Boathouse (East 72nd)

Carrie and Big go for an impromptu swim outside the lovely Boathouse restaurant in one of the season finales, and while I am not fancy enough to have eaten at the restaurant I am fancy enough to have been to the Boathouse Lake Room for work events which I did not have to pay a dime for. It is an insanely gorgeous place and I would commit various crimes to be able to get married there (a la 27 Dresses) if I could afford $500+ a head.

Century 21 (Cortland & Trinity)

I know this is not a restaurant, but I had to include it. Carrie shops at this atrocious excuse for a department store when she has jury duty in season 6, and government obligation is the only reason she is in the Financial District in the first place. I was heavily warned about this store when I wanted to pick up a Christmas present there last year, but I thought going on my lunch hour was a clever way to avoid the crowds. WRONG! Picture the grossest, most crowded Macy’s you have ever been to, multiply that by about 1000, and you’ve got Century 21. Never. Again.

Pete’s Tavern (18th & Irving)

I discovered the little gem that is Irving Place right after moving in to the neighborhood and have been in love ever since. It’s right next to Gramercy Park (the one you need a key to get into) and has actual green things growing all around and dogs walking and people smiling and adorable restaurants with very appealing outdoor seating areas. One of those adorable restaurants is Pete’s Tavern, which caught my eye and ended up on my “Want To Try” list immediately based on looks alone. I had never heard a word about their food or service, but the checkered table cloths just looked so cute! From walking past it all the time, and from eating/drinking there on two occasions, I learned that it’s “New York’s oldest running bar” and has good food, decent prices (especially brunch), friendly people, AND it’s where Miranda proposed to Steve. What more do you need?

(The walls of Pete’s are covered with photos of celebrity visitors, so I occasionally walk by in hopes of spotting one.)

Slate (21st between 5th & 6th)

I believe the episode after Steve’s testicular cancer surgery the gang celebrates at Slate, a very large club/lounge/bar (what IS the difference anyway New York!?) where I once spent a pretty fun New Year’s Eve. I don’t know if the buffet included in the $100+ ticket was their usual food selection, nor do I remember it too clearly, but I think it was decent. I just will never do one of those New Year’s things again — I know I sound like the ultimate old lady but standing in a huge line for teeny tiny drinks is no longer my idea of a good time. The place is really big, though, like multiple floors. That’s impressive in this city.


Il Cantinori (10th between Broadway & 5th)

Carrie spends her 35th birthday alone at this fine establishment because her friends are all late/lost. As Stanford points out on a message on her machine, there really is an El Cantinero (which is where he ended up by accident) nearby — I walked past it the other day!

Anywho, I feel like this restaurant has been in my face a lot lately because of a) SATC and b) it’s always being promoted by some famous chef (but not so famous that I remember his name) in those commercials they play on the little taxi TVs, and it’s supposed to be darn good Italian, so it’s obviously on my list.

Spice Market (13th & 9th)

My roommate recommended this place to me ages ago and I just learned that it was in an episode, I just don’t know which. So it, too, is obviously on the list.

I know there are tons more places they filmed/pretended to film, but some of them I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot-poll (i.e. Magnolia, SushiSamba) due to the fact that they are guaranteed tourist traps, Sex and the City or not.


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