Be My Baby

Proper Boston Brahmin Juliet Rose Astor Lowell doesn’t want her body guarded by anyone while she’s in New Orleans for the grand opening of Daddy’s new hotel–especially not by macho cop Beau Dupree. He’s too big, too pushy, too virile, too . . . everything! His shameless, hungry-eyed gaze shakes her carefully cultivated decorum. But Juliet is a Lowell–and there’s no way she’s ever going to lose control!

Beau has more important things to do than babysit a beautiful Yankee rich girl. By driving the well-mannered socialite beyond the bounds of her good-girl restraints, he figures he can get himself pulled off of the assignment. But who would have thought that real passion sizzled beneath Juliet’s polish–or that when she lets her hair down, she just might prove to be more woman than Beau can handle?

Any book with back-cover copy containing that many exclamation marks has to be unbelievably corny, and Be My Baby by Susan Andersen is just that. But it is also very enjoyable. And given to me by my mother, which I am seriously trying to forget.

I really don’t need to give too many more plot details because I think the above description says it all. This is a light, fun, quick, unrealistic, HOT read that is a great between-books kind of thing. I didn’t like the lack of suspense or surprise — you basically knew who what where when why and how within the first few pages — but the steamy scenes between Beau and Juliet (think “Red Hot Reads” section in the back of Cosmo [do they still do that? haven’t read a Cosmo in ages]) more than make up for it. Plus, this takes place in New Orleans, so it got me pretty excited for my upcoming trip to the Big Easy in April.

Next book to come off the shelf (which is getting quite crowded):  Andy Cohen’s Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture. I am hoping for some serious Housewives dirt.


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