Let Me Tell You Something

Let’s get something straight: I know the Housewives franchise is horrible. I know it’s the downfall of humanity — certainly the female portion — and I probably shouldn’t watch it. But…I don’t care. I only started watching the series because one fine day I was at Depasquale the Spa with my mom when one of our manicurist friends informed … More Let Me Tell You Something

Someone Like You

Although not the most sophisticated of novels, Sarah Dessen’s Someone Like You is an adorable, light read. I mean really light — the font is, like, size 14 and double spaced. (Remember doing that to your papers in high school/college to make them look longer?) Set in an unspecified small suburban town in an unspecified era, … More Someone Like You

The Pact

When I was 16 years old my parents took me to Key West, Florida for Spring Break. I wanted to go to Barbados that year but they said it was too expensive and that they’d had fun in Key West the summer before, so I of course thought it would be ridiculously uncool. I started reading … More The Pact

Beauty Queens

Remember when you had to read Lord of the Flies for English class in high school? Try to remember that book to the best of your ability, but substitute prepubescent boys with teenage girls (beauty pageant contestants, to be specific) and speed the setting up to 2000something, and you’ve got Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens. The novel … More Beauty Queens