Man of Steel

Let me start off by saying I very rarely enjoy superhero/comic book movies. I sort of liked the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies (the first one, anyway), I was really late to jump on the Iron Man bandwagon (but ew, Gwyneth‘s hair color), and I did NOT enjoy the new Christian Bale Batman movies — I prefer George Clooney as Bruce Wayne, thankyouverymuch. Prior to Saturday, June 15th, my favorite superhero/comic book movie was The Avengers because I am after all a Whedonite, but now that I’ve seen Man of Steel

Honestly, my enjoyment of this film was 90% because of Henry Cavill, who is unbeLIEVABLY delicious. I mean, LOOK at this.


Ok ok, on to the actual movie. It was extremely well done, in my humble opinion. I the viewer really cared about Clark Kent (who knew his “real” name was Cal?) and how he was picked on as a little kid and he couldn’t even save his own father from a tornado because he was trying to keep his power a secret (very emotional scene — a dog was involved so you know it brought me to tears). I think what helped me to care so much about him, besides his shirtlessness, was the strategic placement of flashbacks. Most of his childhood scenes were very cleverly intertwined with what was going on in the present.

Also, Amy Adams as Lois Lane? Surprisingly good. My Superman knowledge was previously based on that old show with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, and despite limited memories of the show I have no doubt that Amy Adams was a much better choice. Adams never demands THAT much of your attention — she gives just the right amount of ancillary character — so that you are free to focus on the yummy main character, but I think we will get more of her in future installments. Oh yes, the movie’s ending perfectly paved the way for a sequel, which I hope is coming very, very soon.

The ONE thing that bothered me — only one! — was the end. Sexy Superman had just saved the world from General Zod, so various human beings SAW the face of the man flying around and killing villains, but in the last scene when he starts working at The Daily Planet (where Lois Lane also works, coinky-dink) no one recognizes him! Like, hello, remember that (hot hot hot) man in the blue spandex/red cape who saved you all a few days ago? Don’t you think it’s a bit strange that he’s now working on a newspaper with you, or is there some kind of Men In Black memory-wipe technology involved? Obviously Lois Lane is just pretending not to know him, but what about everyone else? (I suppose this didn’t bother me all that much, but I always have to find something to complain about, you know?)

I’ll just leave you with this one final thought…

Scorched! Henry Cavill wears undershirt in Fire Rescue scene on set of Man of Steel


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