The Heat

From the very first second of the very first time I saw the preview for The Heat, I knew it was exactly what I needed in my life. I knew it would be corny in a Sandra Bullock romcom kind of way, and I also knew it would be sarcastically hilarious in a Bridesmaids kind of way, and I knew I was going to drag my boyfriend to see it with me and that he would enjoy it despite his best protesting efforts. I was right on all counts (as per usual), and I highly recommend this film to all fans of general humor.

So Special Agent Sarah Ashburn is not a far cry from Special Agent Gracie Heart; the only difference being Ashburn never receives a makeover from Michael Caine or gets cozy with Benjamin Bratt (remember when he and Julia Roberts were married?!). But she is quite amusing in that self-deprecating, how-could-anyone-think-Sandra-Bullock-is-a-loser kind of way, and Melissa McCarthy’s Detective Shannon Mullins is perfect as Ashburn’s disturbingly blunt counterpart. The two are thrown together on solving a Boston drug dealer case, and the usual comedy cop movie wackiness ensues — including ridiculous “sexy” dancing at a hip nightclub and the officers thinking they’ve come closer to solving the case when in fact all they’ve done is make things worse. (Actually, in that sense this movie is a LOT like Miss Congeniality when Heart’s team keeps losing faith in her ability to nab The Citizen. Yes, I’ve seen that movie at least 100 times.)

Fun Cameos: Arrested Development’s Buster goes cruising for hookers in the beginning, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Dee is the drug lord’s overly made up Ukrainian (or was it Russian?) messenger.

As is customary with these comedic pictures, the funniest scene occurs in a bar when both lead characters are completely, obscenely drunk. But I won’t give any of that away!

Also, besides Jennifer Anniston, is there ANYONE with a more perfectly symmetrical face and body, topped by perfectly perfect hair (color, cut and style) than Sandra Bullock? I mean, seriously!

Side note: I saw this at a movie theater on 3rd Ave between 59th and 60th, and the total price for two adults on a Saturday evening was $28. $28?! This wasn’t one of those special movie theater experiences during which you have full meals and beverage service and cushy seats, this was a standard, weird-smelling, awkwardly laid out, completely outdated theater. $28. I remember when the highest price for a movie was $7! (I know that was in suburban New Jersey, but I’m sure that price existed in New York at some point!) Oy.


2 thoughts on “The Heat

  1. OMG ABSOLUTELY LOVEDDDD THIS MOVIE! I couldn’t stop laughing. Not as much as Kevin Hart’s: Let me Explain..but pretty damn close. LOVE the new layout by the way. It’s nice a bright and cheery (er). xo! Keep up the great work Kate Kate!!

  2. Saw this with my mom…got the “senior” discount. Hahahahah I asked too and she said, “Yeah we have that, but don’t be callin yo momma out like that gurl.” (said exactly how it’s read) HAHAH, k bye.

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