The Infinite Moment of Us

Remember when I said Sarah Dessen really knows how to write a blossoming teen romance? Well, Lauren Myracle isn’t so bad at it either. But I do not think teens should read The Infinite Moment Of Us.

The Infinite Moment Of Us is all about that magical time between high school graduation and leaving for college when everything seems so crazy and new and weird but yet still somehow the same. Wren Gray is the perfect daughter, but she’s sick of it. Charlie Parker has been in love with her for four years, but she doesn’t know it. On the last day of school Wren and Charlie share “a moment” in which their “souls touch”, or something, and a relationship forms very quickly. (This is where Myracle and Dessen differ in that Dessen would have spent at least 100 pages developing the romance, whereas Myracle kind of dove right in.) Around the same time, Wren decides to stop being so perfect and defer her acceptance to Emory so she can volunteer abroad for a year instead.

I don’t think teens should read this book because it is very, VERY sexual. While reading certain intimate scenes between Wren and Charlie, and Charlie and his sort-of ex-girlfriend, I could have sworn I was reading a Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Jennifer Crusie trashy romance novel. The scenes were well-written and, forgive me for being blunt, very hot, but not anything like what I was reading when I was a teenager (ahem, Gossip Girl). Am I just being naive, though? Are high school kids having trashy romance sex in parks? I suppose I am a bit old-fashioned, but if I were a parent I wouldn’t want my 14-year-old reading something like this.

In addition to being naive and old-fashioned, I think I am also kind of a hopeless romantic when I read books like this. I just love the incredibly intense love and attraction the characters feel for one another — it’s so thrilling to read and apply it to your own life, if you are lucky enough to do so. I genuinely enjoyed the book, I just don’t recommend it to anyone below the age of 18.

Next up: I’m finally, finally, finally doing it, I swear I swear I swear: Fault In Our Stars. Let’s go.


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