The Other Woman

The Other Woman is exactly what you’d expect it to be: The ideal girl power chick flick to see with friends on a rainy weekend night. It’s light and funny (in the corniest way possible) with some fabulous wardrobe and locations mixed in.

Cameron Diaz is dating Jaime Lannister (he shall never be known by any other name), who unbeknownst to her is married to Leslie Mann, who is one of my new favorite people ever. (I know she is not actually new, I just newly enjoy her humor and general presence.) Leslie’s and Cameron’s characters, Kate and Carly, discover each other’s existence at the same time, but rather than lash out at each other they become an odd pair of friends and team up to get back at their scum bucket of a man. They soon discover they are not the only women in his life and recruit Kate Upton onto their jilted ladies team. General hilarity ensues.

What I Liked: 1) Leslie Mann. She really carried the other two ladies, as her lines were the only truly funny ones. 2) Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe. Very Samantha Jones. But her face sort of freaks me out.

Other Woman 1 Other Woman 3 Other Woman 2

What I Didn’t Like: 1) Nicki Minaj. She must have a new agent or something because she a) got a role in this film as Carly’s assistant and b) got a lot of closeups in her scenes, but she is an awful actress and painful to look at with that stupid hair and ridiculously fake-looking makeup. Like, she doesn’t even look human. And there is no way that rear end is 100% real. I can’t stand her, can you tell? 2) Cameron Diaz’s apartment. An ENORMOUS space in SoHo (allegedly) afforded by her law firm (partner, I’m assuming) salary. Yeah, RIGHT!

So while I do recommend this movie to all girls who need to have a good laugh with their girlfriends, I think you’d be ok if you waited it for it to come to On Demand.


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