So I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier semi-recently, but I don’t remember it/didn’t like it enough to write a full review. Chris Evans looked very muscular (see below), but I’ve come to the conclusion that comic book movies which are not done by Joss Whedon or which are not part of the X-Men franchise are not worth the $14.50 ticket.

Chris Evans

Now that that’s out of the way, I also saw Neighbors recently. It was everything I expected it to be from a) the trailers and b) the actors, which means it was hilariously and inappropriately fantastic.

Rose Byrne (so gorgeous it’s not fair) and Seth Rogen are a lovely married couple with a new baby and have just purchased their first home. They are having a bit of a tough time adjusting to their new roles as parents who stay in every night to care for their little girl as opposed to twenty-somethings who spontaneously go to concerts and party, a problem only highlighted by a fraternity moving in to the house next door. (My problem with this was instantly, “Didn’t you know you were moving into a college campus neighborhood beforehand?” but I know I know it’s just a movie.) The frat is led by Zac Efron (whom people have been obsessing over again lately because of his body, which I don’t quite understand — I mean, it’s ok, but not that great), and when the couple calls the cops on Zac and friends during a particularly rowdy party, it starts a prank war to end all prank wars.

Zac Efron

Aside from one particularly disturbing breast-feeding scene (I won’t go into details), the movie is extremely funny in an Old School sort of way. I think it does a great job of celebrating both lifestyles — new parents learning the ropes and college students living for party after party — while also making fun of them. And I am always fascinated by movies like this because I went to a small college with absolutely no Greek life and minimal “house parties”, but my boyfriend assures me these types of events really do happen. Maybe I’m as boring as Byrne’s and Rogen’s characters, but I am A-OK with having missed out on that.


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