The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

For the first time in several months, there are quite a few movies out/coming out that I’d very much like to see — Foxcatcher, Wild, Interstellar, Unbroken — potential 2015 Oscar contenders, mostly. But which film did I start with? The third installment of The Hunger Games franchise, but of course. (And I should have re-read my Catching Fire post before going, because I had a hard time remembering what the heck was going on.)

After an explosive ending to her second Games (i.e. blowing up the force field thing surrounding the arena), Katniss Everdeen is living in District 13, where they want her to be the face of the revolution she inadvertently started. Katniss reluctantly agrees and allows Marjaery Tyrell to film her visits to different districts The Capitol has destroyed and her consequent rousing, heartfelt speeches. In retaliation, The Capitol broadcasts interviews with increasingly-gaunt-looking Peeta, who opposes the revolution and asks Katniss/her followers to cut it out. The Capitol also launches an attack on District 13, which they are able to survive because of their super-military preparedness, and then District 13 sends in the troops to rescue Peeta and the other tributes, but something terrible has happened to Peeta and they don’t know if they can reverse it.

So it’s my understanding that the first Hunger Games book was supposed to be the only Hunger Games book, but what’s-her-face wanted to capitalize on the profits and wrote two more stories after the success of the original. That makes sense because the first movie was such a neat little package, while the second and third movies seem much less thought through, the third even more so than the second. I mean, I just couldn’t get over the fact that the whole thing was based on Katniss filming commercials. Commercials about starting a war. It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie, just a bit silly. But, lots more broody. tougher-looking Gale in this one. Me likey.


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