Heroes Are My Weakness

Well, I just read a very odd book. It’s an odd book in terms of plot, character development, setting, just… Everything. I’m not even sure I enjoyed it. Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips is, in theory, a romance novel, but I think it’s just plain odd. Here’s why:

Annie Hewitt has just moved from the Big Apple to a basically deserted Maine island in the dead of winter because her mother died and left her this cottage as well as some mysterious inheritance she must find within the next 60 days. The island is where Annie spent summers as a teen, when her eccentric mother was married to Elliott Harp, owner of the gigantic mansion next door. Annie has very bad memories of this house/these summers because of Elliott’s son, Theo, with whom she was romantically involved but whom allegedly tried to kill her this one time. Also, Annie has been quite ill for the past few months with an unknown illness, and she makes a very modest living as a ventriloquist, and she often speaks to her puppets — Leo, Peter, Scamp, Crumpet and Dilly — in her head. (See? Odd, right off the bat.)

Despite the bad memories and attempted murder, Annie is naturally drawn to the old Harp House. Upon entering she finds her old friend Jaycie working as a maid and, lo and behold, Theo, staying at the house while trying to work on his second novel. Annie and Theo immediately start a daily banter that will so obviously lead to romantic entanglements, despite the fact that paranoid Annie is convinced Theo is a known psychopath. (Turns out ***SPOILER ALERT*** he didn’t try to kill her/isn’t a psychopath, though; it was all the fault of his evil twin sister. More oddness.) When she’s not having romantic entanglements with Theo or helping Jaycie with her maid work, Annie is searching for this mysterious inheritance in her mother’s house and trying to figure out who is breaking into her cottage, stealing her groceries and messing with her puppets (odd, odd and odd).

There are a few standard sexy parts of the story that are enjoyable to read, but most the time I was just thinking, “What? This woman hears voices in her head and constantly thinks people are trying to kill her. Why doesn’t anyone realize she is a nutter!?” I didn’t hate the book, it just isn’t really for me. I continue to believe this is just not my genre — sorry, Mom and Er.


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