Shopaholic to the Stars

As I’ve said before, I have a rule which prevents me from starting a new book until I’ve at least drafted a blog post about the one I just finished. Well, I just finished one and would like to start another, but I am currently two hours into a nine-hour drive back to New York from Cincinnati, so how about this: a stream-of-consciousness, real-time book review blog post, brought to you straight from a beautiful, spacious Kia Sedona filled with my future family-in-law! 

I had no idea Sophie Kinsella had come out with another Becky Bloomwood book, so I was delighted when my fiance brought home Shopaholic to the Stars. It features the usual humorous British hijinx, this time with Becky and family relocated to sunny Los Angeles for the chance(s) of a lifetime. 

Becky’s husband Luke has switched from financial to entertainment PR, and his first client is an enormously famous movie star. Becky thinks this is her chance to not only befriend all the Hollywood A-listers, but also to fulfill her dream she’s had for all of five minutes of becoming a celebrity stylist. Naturally, she gets way too into the Angeleno lifestyle, royally pissing off all of her friends and family and spending outrageous sums of money along the way.

These books always make me laugh about as much as they make me want to throw something — I mean, this 30-something-year-old woman with a husband and two-year-old daughter has STILL not learned how to curb her spending! Where is all of this money COMING from and why has no one decided to look at this as an ILLNESS? There is actually some talk of that in this book — a yoga retreat/rehab center with classes to treat addiction — but of course it goes absolutely nowhere. I think it annoys me more now that I’m reading these books as an adult with full knowledge of how much money Becky Bloomwood, someone who DOES NOT HAVE A JOB, is actually spending. 

The book ends with a bit of a cliffhanger involving Becky’s parents and her friend Suze’s husband, so that’s exciting because it means another novel will soon be on the way. And despite my annoyance with this character and her story in general, I look forward to it. 


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