This should not come as a surprise to anyone, but Trainwreck is a hilariously awkward cinematic treat. It’s everything everyone hoped it would be and more. I have a newfound appreciation for John Cena and Bill Hader — not Amy Schumer, because I ALREADY appreciated her.

Amy Schumer plays an actual trainwreck of a girl, also named Amy, meaning she has a lot of one-night stands and drinks/smokes too much and has a messy apartment but a super-awesome job. Said super-awesome job leads her to meet Bill Hader’s character, Aaron, for an interview about sports medicine. The two hit it off immediately, but Amy doesn’t want anything more than her usual quick connection with a guy while Aaron wants the full relationship, so things get a bit messy. Aaron and Amy are just too adorable for words, they actually have really great chemistry in this.

See? How cute! (However, when things go awry in the relationship it’s totally Amy’s fault, so I didn’t like when it seemed like Aaron was supposed to apologize. She really was being a trainwreck.)

So, I said I had a new appreciation for Bill Hader because out of his “class” of comedians I always thought he was kind of creepy and not that funny, but this amazing film made me change my mind. And I said I had a new appreciation for John Cena because I love when super-hot beefy guys can do roles that show how seriously they don’t take themselves, which is exactly what he does in this movie. Speaking of John, I heard his sex scene with Amy was real, i.e. his penis was actually inside her because they couldn’t film it any other way. So this is technically porn?


I also heard that LeBron James was only cast in the movie because Amy used his name as a placeholder for the athlete character (Aaron’s BFF), and Judd Apatow thought it would be ideal to actually get LeBron James. I’m not a huge fan of LeBron’s, but he is pretty funny throughout. Speaking of Judd Apatow, I ALSO heard (I have my ear to the ground, people) that this movie had his second-most successful opening weekend ever. Hooray for Amy!

So, if you haven’t already heard this from all of your friends, definitely go see this movie. It’s worth the $15. (But be prepared, it’s been sold out all over Manhattan!)


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