Under the Duvet

Seriously, I just can’t get enough of Marian Keyes. I think we should be absolute BEST friends forever and ever — what do you say, Marian?

Under the Duvet is a collection of Keyes’ previously published and unpublished magazine articles. Early in the book she points out that this is very ironic because she started out in journalism, realized she really wanted to write fiction, became a semi-successful fiction writer, then was asked left and right to contribute pieces of journalism to various publications. Go figure! (Wouldn’t mind that happening to ME, though. #justsayin)

Keyes starts off strong with a hilarious story about working at a magazine for a week as part of her research for a new book. The rest of the articles cover everything from fashion to friendship to family, Irish culture and religion, even alcoholism — yes, she gets quite serious for a moment. It’s hard to believe that such a delightful, dare I say bubbly, woman once experienced such a dark time in her life, and came out the other side with an extraordinarily lighthearted and positive outlook on things. She addresses every situation she writes about with just the right amount of humor. I’m pretty sure a lot of these stories took place during her period of alcohol abuse, yet she didn’t feel the need to hit the reader over the head with it every time. It’s just part of who she is/was, but she focuses on so much more than that. Very refreshing.

This book made it quite obvious to me that Keyes’ inspiration for the Walsh family series comes from her own family: a traditional Irish mammy and daddy, four siblings going through very different phases of life all over the world. I think we should ALL be absolute BEST friends forever and ever — what do you say, Keyes family?

Can’t wait to read the sequel, Further Under the Duvet!


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