Now that my Oscar movie mission is complete (or abandoned, whichever way you look at it), it’s time to get back to good ol’ blockbuster comic book flicks.

Deadpool has been getting all kinds of swell reviews, and I can definitely see why. It pokes fun at its very genre — Ryan Reynolds makes snide remarks about what ridiculous thing is about to happen next, talking directly to the camera/audience throughout the film — which is a refreshing change from the usual doom and gloom. At times it’s a little too much, but he makes it work. Mostly because he’s this:

One thing I didn’t like about the movie: It didn’t do that great a job relating to the other comic book characters, which is one of the things I most enjoy about these films. Yes they show the X-Men house and two alleged X-Men, but not two that have had major roles in any of the other movies. I just wish they or the villain had tied in more with stories we already know and care about.

Another thing I didn’t like: The cancer. Ryan Reynolds turns into a superhero/mutant because he’s diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of some kind and seeks unorthodox treatment that turns out to be torture. That part is unexpectedly sad and jarring in an otherwise very silly story, so it was hard to figure out how you were supposed to feel about it all.

So Deadpool was good but not my favorite, and I kind of can’t believe I’m saying this, but…I cannot WAIT for X-Men Apocalypse!


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