Why Not Me?

When I read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), I was at the height of my obsession with The Mindy Project. Fast forward a few years and I’ve all but given up on the Fox-turned-Hulu show, and Mindy Kaling’s follow-up book really isn’t as good (or as long, for that matter) as her first.

It’s not that Why Not Me? isn’t funny, it’s just more smile-to-yourself funny than LMAO-on-the-subway funny. It also doesn’t provide the reader with anything NEW about Mindy, since we already know Mindy’s sense of humor/general views on the world from her first book.

Why Not Me? did, however, inspire me to pick up where I left off with her show, but I can’t say I was missing much. Like the second book, the fourth season is not nearly as funny as the first (or second). I really don’t like that Mindy and Danny are already in a super-serious relationship (engaged, with an infant) when I think they could have taken way longer to get there, and guess what? Danny is kind of an @$s. I used to like him a lot, but he now seems terrible for Mindy and women/the world in general. I just feel like the show doesn’t really know what it’s doing.

I don’t like that I’m hating on Mindy so much right now — I still enjoy her very much as a person, I’m just less than impressed with her second book. I did enjoy her performance in Inside Out, but I don’t think she had anything to do with the writing, so…

I wonder if I’d feel this way if Tina Fey or Amy Poehler wrote second books? God I hope not.



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