Royal Wedding

Is it really possible that I have not read a Meg Cabot book in over four years, which is when I started to review books on this here blog? Wow, I guess people really can change.

Royal Wedding is the latest (and first “Adult”, apparently) installment in the adventures of Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, also known as the Princess Diaries. Five years after the end of the last book, Mia is running a teen community center — named after her stepfather, who has recently died of a heart attack, which is a strange curve ball from Cabot if you ask me — in New York. She’s still happily dating Michael Moscovitz but rarely gets to see him, and everyone else in her life is still driving her absolutely bonkers. The media are obsessed with Mia’s physical appearance and relationship status — which in turn makes her obsessed with the media — and her beloved Grandmere is as irritating as ever. Oh, and the Genovian government may or may not be in shambles.

The main things that happen to Mia in this book are, in order: Michael proposes to her on a super-duper-private island in the Bahamas that I would like to go to IMMEDIATELY, she finds out that she has a 12-year-old half-sister in New Jersey, and she gets pregnant. WITH TWINS. Now call me old-fashioned, but wouldn’t the latter two items be considered extraordinarily scandalous behavior for a royal family, particularly the pregnancy? The book makes it seem like the half-sister is a WAY bigger deal than the princess of a semi-religious (albeit fake) European country getting pregnant before getting married, and even that they kind of skim over. The 12-year-old just kind of gets added to the family, and they speed up the wedding planning process so that Michael and Mia are married within two months of getting engaged/before Mia is showing too much. And that’s where the book ends.

Perhaps I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the others in the series because all the wedding planning references stressed me out, as if were Mia. When she and Michael first get engaged they plan on staying that way for at least a year, and they also plan on having a small wedding of about 50 immediate family and friends, which you know right away can’t happen because SHE’S A PRINCESS. Then as soon as Grandmere gets word of the engagement, she releases a statement to the press about how the wedding will be in a few months in Genovia and will be televised a la Kate Middleton and Prince William, and Mia immediately starts getting insane emails and phone calls about planning the wedding. She has to pick out her dress and bridesmaid dresses and music and this that and the other thing, like, RIGHT away, and OH MY GOD I’M HAVING FLASHBACKS.

Sorry, I’m ok now. I loved my wedding, I just hated planning it. This book was cute, but it didn’t have the usual Princess Diaries effect on me. (Seriously, who am I?)


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