The Trials of Apollo

Hooray hooray hooray, ANOTHER new series from Rick Riordan! I thought I’d have to wait until October for another Magnus Chase book, which I do, but little did I know one of my favorite authors was busy at work creating another Greek god-based series with Percy, Chiron and (most of) the whole gang. This time it’s not a god, though, not even a demigod. It’s a 16-year-old mortal boy named Lester Papadopoulos.

Book 1: The Hidden Oracle

Just kidding, it is a god, kind of: Apollo has been punished by Zeus for the umpteenth time, and his punishment is living life as mortal, acne-ridden Lester Papadopoulos. He has absolutely none of his godly powers whatsoever, and he must rely on a confusing demigod named Meg McCaffrey, daughter of Demeter, to get him through this ordeal.

Acne is the least of Apollo’s/Lester’s problems, though — there’s a new enemy in town, except he isn’t so new. Without giving away too too much, this old enemy and all his friends have been gathering forces and gaining power behind the scenes for centuries, and after everything that happened in the most recent Titan war they are ready for the final stage of their plan. This final stage involves Apollo/Lester because it involves all the ancient Oracles, of which Apollo used to have control and must gain control again in order to save the world…Again.

Having this story come from the point of view of Apollo/Lester rather than a demigod is interesting and amusing, if not a bit more juvenile than Riordan’s already light and easy writing style. Also, Apollo/Lester tends to regain some subset of his godly powers now and then without explanation, but he seems just as confused by it as the reader, so I suppose that makes it ok.

Holy moly, I just love these books so much and can’t wait for more more more.


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