The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo

I am one of the biggest Amy Schumer fans that I know — I absolutely loved the first three seasons of Inside Amy Schumer, I was obsessed with Trainwreck, I thought her HBO Apollo special was fantastic, and I made my husband tell my mom to buy me tickets to her Madison Square Garden performance for my birthday. It’s not just her raunchiness — like a less refined Samantha Jones — that makes me love her, it’s her identifiableness. (That’s not a word, but I’ll take a page out of Amy’s book (LOL #punny) and tell you to just f*cking deal with it.) She’s so good at making fun of absolutely everyone and everything, but most especially girls and how awful we are to one another most of the time.

That said, her book isn’t really LOL funny. I wasn’t cracking up on the subway reading it like with Tina Fey’s, Amy Poehler’s, and Mindy Kaling’s (first) books, and I’m not saying that because I’m one of those people who only compares female comedians to other female comedians, I’m saying that because those are the only other comedians’ books I’ve read. Amy’s book is less about being hilarious and more about just being her and telling us her story, a LOT of which you would never guess from her public persona. For example, she hasn’t been with that many guys, it just so happens that the ones she has been with were all ridiculous in some way or another, thus making good stand-up fodder. For another example, she’s a fairly normal Jewish girl from Long Island who grew up going into the city a lot, and her dad really is very sick like in Trainwreck. For yet another example, she has had some severely abusive relationships, about which she goes into such detail that I wonder how the other people in those relationships might feel when they pick up this book and read it (and I think they should).

Amy does a great job going from funny to serious back to funny pretty much every other chapter, again not an LOL funny but a smiling-on-the-inside funny. More than anything, this book made me desperately want to become Amy’s friend. Not, like, BEST friend, but pretty good friend. She says on more than one occasion that her favorite thing to do is sit on a couch eating pasta and drinking wine, which I could NOT be more down with. She also said (in the book AND during her MSG show) that she loves Alice’s Tea Cup, which only has three locations all on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, which is where I live, so I feel like our friendship is just inevitable at this point.

So whaddaya say, Amy?


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