Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries

After absolutely devouring the long-anticipated (for me, anyway) Superficial, I have come to the conclusion that Andy Cohen is the male, gay, famous version of me. Is that weird?

I love that Andy doesn’t pretend to be one of those famous people who hates being famous — he eats that ish up and is very upfront about it. He gets starstruck, he name drops, he brags about dressing up and going to fabulous events, and I think I would be the exact same way. He is also very upfront about all of his neuroses, always second-guesses himself, and admits to feeling deeply lonely despite constantly being surrounded by (famous) people and fans. He’s a complicated, tortured soul, just like the rest of us, he just happens to have had a really great idea for a TV show that has completely defined its genre.

Speaking of which, many people in this world do not like Andy Cohen, nor what he has done to society with The Housewives, and many people look down upon people like me for like him/watching such things, but I will continue to defend him and continue to watch those shows probably until the day I die. It’s not like he/those shows are pretending to be anything he’s/they’re not, and most of his/its fans have no illusions about how “real” it is. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We know it’s trash. WE LIKE TRASH! Personally, I like a sophisticated TV show or movie or book here and there, but I mostly engage with those forms of media because my brain and emotions need a vacation, not a challenge.

One thing I wish Andy would do in these books (although I think this was the last one, #sadface) is give more detail on Watch What Happens Live, rather than just a sentence at the end of each entry about who was on and if he felt like it was a good show. I understand that he does SO much more than that show, that’s just the most face time WE his FANS get with him, so that’s what we think he is doing most, whereas the book points out that he does so much more. I just wish he would go deeper into it because I ALWAYS notice when he is so over it or not in the mood or a guest is being particularly rude to him (ahem, Leah Remini last week), so I’d love to know what he’s thinking during those moments.

PS: It was SUPER cool to read his entry from January 13, 2016, which is when my husband and I actually WENT to the Clubhouse for WWHL! (No, he didn’t write about us, but still. We were THERE! #Famous)



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