SYTYCD Season 14 Finale

Kate: Ok, NOW it’s the finale. I think. Erica: Yes. Yes, this is definitely it. Kate: And we’ll be doing everyone’s favorite dances throughout this less-than-thrilling season. Yippee. Erica: I hate that there’s nothing new. Except group routines. I’m happy about new group routines. Cat Deeley’s Ensemble Kate: Love the tousled long waves, as usual, … More SYTYCD Season 14 Finale

The Century Trilogy

Remember that World War II kick I told y’all I was on? Well, the kick has extended back to World War I, mostly so I could gain a better understanding of World War II. This Ken Follett series is giving me that and MUCH more. I feel a great sense of accomplishment from reading these … More The Century Trilogy