Red Queen

I think in order to get a teen novel/series published these days, you have to get it as close to The Hunger Games as possible — post-apocalyptic dystopian societies only, please! It’s not necessarily a bad trend, it’s just very obviously not going anywhere anytime soon. Such is the case for a new series from young author Victoria … More Red Queen

Once and for All

Gosh I miss the days when my husband’s job meant I got signed books from Andy Cohen and Amy Poehler and advance copies of Sarah Dessen books six months before their pub date! I could barely contain my excitement about this little gem, but I had to wait until the official release date to post … More Once and for All

The Trials of Apollo

Hooray hooray hooray, ANOTHER new series from Rick Riordan! I thought I’d have to wait until October for another Magnus Chase book, which I do, but little did I know one of my favorite authors was busy at work creating another Greek god-based series with Percy, Chiron and (most of) the whole gang. This time … More The Trials of Apollo

Guardians of the Galaxy

As I may have told you fine readers before, I have a relatively new appreciation for comic book movies. I’ve never liked Christian Bale as Batman, and I’ve all but given up on Spiderman (there are just too many movies), but the latest Marvel movies are really something special. Vol. 1 I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy almost as much … More Guardians of the Galaxy

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical

I’ve read the books, I’ve watched the movies, and now I’ve seen the play. That’s right folks, our favorite kid/teen series (besides Harry Potter) has been turned into an off-Broadway musical, and it’s…Pretty bad. BUT I say that with love, and as someone who tremendously enjoys watching bad things! The musical keeps the same basic … More The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical