Finally Starting to Like Pantsuits (Grammys 2018)

Kate: Tonight we are not bringing activists with us or wearing all black but we are wearing white roses. Because… Erica: #MeToo and Time’s Up. I don’t know. Look, Time’s Up is a good organization (I think). It’s a good cause (for sure). And if wearing white roses does something to help, then great. White … More Finally Starting to Like Pantsuits (Grammys 2018)

Thor: Ragnarok

It had been quite a while since I  last saw a movie in theaters, and apparently I only see ones about comic book characters now. Everything else will eventually be on Amazon Prime or Fios On-Demand for $5.99, so what’s the point, right? Thor: Ragnarok is absolutely delightful. Chris Hemsworth looks really, really, REALLY good … More Thor: Ragnarok

SYTYCD Season 14 Finale

Kate: Ok, NOW it’s the finale. I think. Erica: Yes. Yes, this is definitely it. Kate: And we’ll be doing everyone’s favorite dances throughout this less-than-thrilling season. Yippee. Erica: I hate that there’s nothing new. Except group routines. I’m happy about new group routines. Cat Deeley’s Ensemble Kate: Love the tousled long waves, as usual, … More SYTYCD Season 14 Finale