Being that it’s September 1st and all, I should be feeling nostalgic and wishing I were making the three-hour voyage down 95 to Loyola like every other summer’s end. I do feel that a little and I’m sure I will start to feel it more strongly very soon, but I have hardly even noticed that I graduated college … More Graduation


I’ve been doing a lot of pretending lately. Many of you probably think I’m doing better; I’ve gone to the beach and out to bars and I’ve smiled for pictures like it’s any other summer, but I think I’ve actually gotten worse. More…Detached. Removed. Numb. Not at all myself. The more life goes on around me … More Pretending


In a couple of weeks I will be going to Louisville, Kentucky for a photo shoot at one of our buildings to be featured in the customer magazine. The very instant my boss told me about this, the first thought that crossed my mind was to tell Dad. If he had been to Louisville—which he … More Work