Blue Jasmine

Because it’s a Woody Allen movie, I should have known Blue Jasmine wasn’t going to be what I expected. But then it would have been exactly what I expected (oooh brain twister). Blue Jasmine’s trailer led me to believe it was one of those finding-herself-and-starting-over movies, kind of like Under the Tuscan Sun but in an American … More Blue Jasmine

A Little Bit of Waving, Too Much Velvet (Emmys 2013)

Erica: Boy, you guys didn’t even get a chance to miss us, did you? “So You Think You Can Dance” ends, and not two weeks later, we’re going to criticize Cat Deely’s outfit again! Kate: And criticize we must! Cat Deely Erica: Hair? Good. Make-up? Fine. Dress? Almost as bad as anything she wore on the … More A Little Bit of Waving, Too Much Velvet (Emmys 2013)


This was the first time in my life I wasn’t completely enraptured by a Curtis Sittenfeld novel, and I don’t know what to do about it. Prep and American Wife were positively gripping — especially American Wife on account of it being “loosely” based on Laura Bush — and The Man of My Dreams was pretty incredible as … More Sisterland

Rules of the Subway

After working in New York City for 2+ years, and living in it for 1+ years, I have decided I am an expert on all matters of Manhattan. With this expertness comes great responsibility, including the need to bestow upon you, my good people, proposed rules for the New York City subway system, rules which I feel … More Rules of the Subway

Monkey Business

I am fairly certain that my mom and sister got me Monkey Business from the bargain book bin, and by bargain I mean, like, $2 or less. I adored it, though; it was the perfect between-books book, and it sort of made me wonder if I really should have gone to grad school after all. Monkey … More Monkey Business

Second Glance

So Second Glance by Jodi Picoult is kind of like the way more serious, sad and complicated version of Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie. It’s also very similar to The Pact in that the way you think everything happened turns out to be the complete opposite of what actually happened, and it takes the entire … More Second Glance