Curtis Sittenfeld is one of those authors I brag about reading because she’s one of the only semi-serious ones in my collection. I was absolutely enthralled by American Wife, could not get enough of Prep, very much enjoyed The Man of My Dreams, didn’t completely love Sisterland, but optimism reigned when I saw that she … More Eligible

Plain Truth

Every now and then I like to break up reading one type of silly book, i.e. one by Jill Mansell, with another, i.e. one by Jodi Picoult. Picoult’s novels are not silly in the traditional sense of the word, but let’s just say they’re not particularly difficult to get through. I picked up Plain Truth from my … More Plain Truth

The Jungle Book

I am the type of person who can’t even think about Marley & Me without having a panic attack about the fate of my own dog. That Budweiser commercial with the horse LITERALLY makes me cry every single time I see it (I watched it again for the purpose of this post and I just … More The Jungle Book

A Walk in the Park

Back to the silly British chick lit I go! Another delight from Jill Mansell, A Walk in the Park made me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Lara Carson is back in Bath (England) after almost 20 years away, which we soon find out is because she ran away from home at the ripe old age … More A Walk in the Park