I smell a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for Mr. Harrison Ford, oh yes I do. 42: The Jackie Robinson Story is pretty much everything you expect it to be, but that’s not a bad thing. Set in the 1940s when segregation was rampant across the United States, certainly in Major League Baseball, 42 takes you … More 42

Sleeping Arrangements

This may be the only Sophie Kinsella/Madeleine Wickham book I’ve read where I was not completely annoyed at the main character(s) throughout the entire story. It also may be the fastest I have read a book in a very long time — under 7 hours. Sleeping Arrangements is one of those way-too-coincidental stories, but a cute one nonetheless: Chloe … More Sleeping Arrangements

She’s Come Undone

Obesity. Mental Illness. Rape. Death. AIDS. Bullying. More mental illness. Abortion. Divorce. Lots more death. You name it, this book’s got it. Wally Lamb gained critical acclaim some years ago for this Oprah’s Book Club best-seller, especially because he, a man, wrote such a captivating story from the perspective of Dolores Price, a woman. The thing … More She’s Come Undone