Good At Games

I just read one book for work and am about to read another, so in the middle I had to take a little book vacation. And boy did I with yet another wrap-yourself-in-cotton-candy, super-feel-good, absolutely ridiculous and delicious Jill Mansell novel: Good At Games. Suzy Curtis is a young real estate agent in Bristol (not … More Good At Games

Everyone Brought the Fire (Oscars 2018)

Kate: Previously on Fashion Police: Everyone wore black to the Golden Globes to show solidarity for the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, and just a few weeks later they wore white roses to the Grammys to signify similar solidarity. Tonight, those same celebrities…Do absolutely nothing differently with their outfits for any sort of political movement. Erica: … More Everyone Brought the Fire (Oscars 2018)

Miss You

After months on months on months of The Century Trilogy and Game of Thrones, it was time for a bit of a mental break, reading-wise. Ergo, the next installment of the Magnus Chase series, and this little delight from newfound favorite Kate Eberlen, who is like a slightly more sophisticated version of Sophie Kinsella or Jill Mansell. … More Miss You

Darkest Hour

After reading books like The Century Trilogy, The Women in the Castle, and All the Light We Cannot See, watching shows like The Man in the High Castle, The Crown, and Band of Brothers, and finally watching Dunkirk, I was really starting to feel like a bit of a World War II-era history expert. A guru, … More Darkest Hour

Finally Starting to Like Pantsuits (Grammys 2018)

Kate: Tonight we are not bringing activists with us or wearing all black but we are wearing white roses. Because… Erica: #MeToo and Time’s Up. I don’t know. Look, Time’s Up is a good organization (I think). It’s a good cause (for sure). And if wearing white roses does something to help, then great. White … More Finally Starting to Like Pantsuits (Grammys 2018)