Everyone Brought the Fire (Oscars 2018)

Kate: Previously on Fashion Police: Everyone wore black to the Golden Globes to show solidarity for the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, and just a few weeks later they wore white roses to the Grammys to signify similar solidarity. Tonight, those same celebrities…Do absolutely nothing differently with their outfits for any sort of political movement. Erica: … More Everyone Brought the Fire (Oscars 2018)

Finally Starting to Like Pantsuits (Grammys 2018)

Kate: Tonight we are not bringing activists with us or wearing all black but we are wearing white roses. Because… Erica: #MeToo and Time’s Up. I don’t know. Look, Time’s Up is a good organization (I think). It’s a good cause (for sure). And if wearing white roses does something to help, then great. White … More Finally Starting to Like Pantsuits (Grammys 2018)