Happy Happy Happy

In this day and age of crappy reality television, of which I watch plenty, it’s refreshing to find a genuinely funny show featuring genuinely good people, people you know aren’t being whispered to by sleazy producers or using their unlikely fame for evil. Such people exist in West Monroe, Louisiana and are featured on A&E’s Duck … More Happy Happy Happy

Rebel Belle

My loving wonderful boyfriend got me Rebel Belle because “it’s basically Buffy, just in the South”. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Kate, you hate Twilight and True Blood and anything else vampirey because it’s not Buffy, so you couldn’t possibly like this one, right?” Wrong. I loved it. Why? Because there are NO vampires in Rebel Belle. Just … More Rebel Belle

Dress Rehearsal

So I lied about perhaps being ready to read The Fault In Our Stars. I know I know — it’s amazing and life-changing and wonderful and I’ll cry my eyes out in a good way, but guys. It’s about children with cancer. CHILDREN. WITH. CANCER. Seriously? I’m not ready for that! So, I read another bargain bin … More Dress Rehearsal