J. Courtney Sullivan has definitely worked her way onto my Favorite Authors list. She is lighter than but definitely reminiscent of Curtis Sittenfeld, especially with Commencement, which reminds me oh so much of Prep. Commencement is the story of four girls who attend Smith College in the late 90s/early 2000s– that’s pre-Facebook, people! — and become lifelong … More Commencement

A Walk in the Park

Back to the silly British chick lit I go! Another delight from Jill Mansell, A Walk in the Park made me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Lara Carson is back in Bath (England) after almost 20 years away, which we soon find out is because she ran away from home at the ripe old age … More A Walk in the Park

2016 Oscar Predictions

Every damn year I say I’m going to watch as many Oscar-nominated films as possible, and every damn year I fail. Well friends, 2016 is a whole new me — I’m proud to say I have seen SEVEN of the nominated movies! Seven! The nominees for Best Actress in a Supporting Role are:  Alicia Vikander, The Danish … More 2016 Oscar Predictions