Miss You

After months on months on months of The Century Trilogy and Game of Thrones, it was time for a bit of a mental break, reading-wise. Ergo, the next installment of the Magnus Chase series, and this little delight from newfound favorite Kate Eberlen, who is like a slightly more sophisticated version of Sophie Kinsella or Jill Mansell. … More Miss You

The Century Trilogy

Remember that World War II kick I told y’all I was on? Well, the kick has extended back to World War I, mostly so I could gain a better understanding of World War II. This Ken Follett series is giving me that and MUCH more. I feel a great sense of accomplishment from reading these … More The Century Trilogy

Red Queen

I think in order to get a teen novel/series published these days, you have to get it as close to The Hunger Games as possible — post-apocalyptic dystopian societies only, please! It’s not necessarily a bad trend, it’s just very obviously not going anywhere anytime soon. Such is the case for a new series from young author Victoria … More Red Queen

Once and for All

Gosh I miss the days when my husband’s job meant I got signed books from Andy Cohen and Amy Poehler and advance copies of Sarah Dessen books six months before their pub date! I could barely contain my excitement about this little gem, but I had to wait until the official release date to post … More Once and for All

The Trials of Apollo

Hooray hooray hooray, ANOTHER new series from Rick Riordan! I thought I’d have to wait until October for another Magnus Chase book, which I do, but little did I know one of my favorite authors was busy at work creating another Greek god-based series with Percy, Chiron and (most of) the whole gang. This time … More The Trials of Apollo