The more I read Serious Books or Books Outside My Comfort Zone, the more I crave my dear old friends the Silly Books. Such is the reason for my latest read, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Cath and Wren are twins from Nebraska about to head off to college, and for the first time in their twinny … More Fangirl

Good At Games

I just read one book for work and am about to read another, so in the middle I had to take a little book vacation. And boy did I with yet another wrap-yourself-in-cotton-candy, super-feel-good, absolutely ridiculous and delicious Jill Mansell novel: Good At Games. Suzy Curtis is a young real estate agent in Bristol (not … More Good At Games

Miss You

After months on months on months of The Century Trilogy and Game of Thrones, it was time for a bit of a mental break, reading-wise. Ergo, the next installment of the Magnus Chase series, and this little delight from newfound favorite Kate Eberlen, who is like a slightly more sophisticated version of Sophie Kinsella or Jill Mansell. … More Miss You

The Century Trilogy

Remember that World War II kick I told y’all I was on? Well, the kick has extended back to World War I, mostly so I could gain a better understanding of World War II. This Ken Follett series is giving me that and MUCH more. I feel a great sense of accomplishment from reading these … More The Century Trilogy

Red Queen

I think in order to get a teen novel/series published these days, you have to get it as close to The Hunger Games as possible — post-apocalyptic dystopian societies only, please! It’s not necessarily a bad trend, it’s just very obviously not going anywhere anytime soon. Such is the case for a new series from young author Victoria … More Red Queen