RW: Phobias

Looks like the overreacting from the last episode of Real World continued into this one. Bravo MTV editors, pat your darn selves on the backs! I feel sorry for Dustin in this episode, I really do, and NOT just because his abs are so lickable. I mean first of all, his little porn career is more … More RW: Phobias

RW: Drama, Drama, Drama

The amount of overreacting and over analyzing on the latest episode of Real World XXV is enough to make me, the sometimes queen of overreacting and over analyzing, want to SCREAM. The cattiness of Nany and Naomi alone makes me ashamed to be a girl. In this episode we get introduced to “Cooke”, known to Donald and I as Heather. (Let me … More RW: Drama, Drama, Drama

RW: Despicable Them

Boy oh boy there were oodles of important life lessons in last night’s episode of Real World XXV: Las Vegas, it was like a video manual of how not to behave. Ever. (As usual, don’t forget to see what Donald thinks too!) 1. The definition of “being single” is not “breaking up with one guy … More RW: Despicable Them