Many thanks to my roommate for showing me this wonderful article from The Awl–What TV Character Have You Wanted To Be?–because it inspired me to write my own version. (It also gave me a new quote I am obsessed with and have already tweeted and Facebooked: “Stick to your principles. Be loyal but not blind. … More Characters

Breathing Room

I am probably not going to read Fifty Shades of Grey. I have this thing about books that have reached a certain level of mania, i.e. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, etc. I realize I may be missing out on some quality literature here–certainly in the case of Mr. Potter–but there is just something about … More Breathing Room

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages was as awesomely bad as everyone expected it to be. All that good-time rock-and-roll is probably much more enjoyable in its original Broadway format because it’s obvious where exactly they cut certain scenes and songs (hel-LO the main character’s name is SHERRY and you didn’t do “OH SHERRY“? Come on now), even … More Rock of Ages

Father’s Day

He had this maroon leather jacket. It was his “fancy” winter coat, sort of shiny, sort of bomber-style and sort of hideous. He must have worn it when he picked me up from the airport because these days I cannot get off a plane in Newark (I travel a fair amount) without picturing him waiting … More Father’s Day