A Buffy Rebuttal

I feel an extraordinarily strong urge to refute a recent BuzzFeed article ranking all 144 episodes of Buffy. I appreciate the author being a fellow super-fan, and I wish could re-rank all 144 episodes, but for now we will just have to settle for my definition of the top 10. And by top 10 I mean my absolute … More A Buffy Rebuttal

I’ve Got Your Number

I am starting to get a little frustrated with Sophie Kinsella. I enjoy her very silly British humor, and I enjoy reading her books in a British accent in my head, but sometimes her characters are so stupid and her situations are so ridiculously unrealistic, they are outright unlikable. I’ve Got Your Number is about Poppy … More I’ve Got Your Number

This Charming Man

I think the last time I was this angry at the end of a book was when I finished The Nanny Diaries. (It just felt so incomplete!) This Charming Man contains Marian Keyes’ usual Irish humor, which I love, but the bulk of the book upset me deeply. Told from the perspective of three women — Lola, … More This Charming Man