The Brightest Star in the Sky

Marian Keyes has the most uncanny ability to turn truly upsetting situations into laugh-out-loud, feel-good stories. Those Irish folks, eh? The Brightest Star in the Sky follows several people who live in the same apartment building — or “flat”, as they say — in Dublin. Matt and Maeve are a slightly frumpy, happily married couple; Katie is a 40-year-old PR … More The Brightest Star in the Sky


After reading something as heavy as Wild, I was really looking forward to some light and fluffy teenage romance goodness from Sarah Dessen. I didn’t do my usual back-cover due diligence, though, because Dreamland was the darkest novel I’ve ever read by my favorite teen writer. Caitlin O’Koren’s 18-year-old sister and shining star of the … More Dreamland

Heroes of Olympus

The fifth book in the Heroes of Olympus series, also the last book in the Percy Jackson saga, was released last week. I was super-excited to find out how it would all come to an end, but I am now filled with a great sadness at the thought of never again reading about young Percy and his mythological … More Heroes of Olympus