The Other Woman

The Other Woman is exactly what you’d expect it to be: The ideal girl power chick flick to see with friends on a rainy weekend night. It’s light and funny (in the corniest way possible) with some fabulous wardrobe and locations mixed in. Cameron Diaz is dating Jaime Lannister (he shall never be known by any other name), who unbeknownst … More The Other Woman

The Here and Now

I feel like dystopia/science fiction/fantasy/supernatural books/TV shows/movies are literally taking over the world, and I really don’t mind it. The Here and Now is the latest from Ann Brashares’ (of Traveling Pants fame), sort of a Young Adult version of The Time Traveler’s Wife (one of my all-time favorites). I couldn’t put it down for … More The Here and Now

Glitter Baby

Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips is not your average romance novel. It has its dirty parts, mind you, but it’s much more of a story, which I quite thoroughly enjoyed. The story starts off with Fleur Savagar, also known as the Glitter Baby, returning to high Manhattan society after a six-year absence. You immediately want to … More Glitter Baby