Just Another Day

Today would have been my dad’s 71st birthday. Yesterday I went to two birthday parties, tomorrow I’ll go to work, today I’ve done pretty much nothing. It’s just another Sunday. June 19, 2016 was the sixth Father’s Day I’ve spent without my dad. The day before that I went to a graduation party, the next day … More Just Another Day

If You Were Here

If you were here, you would be beside yourself knowing I now work and live in New York City. You would come up with every and any excuse to come in for work (but you might actually be retired by now) or for fun when really all you want to do is check up on … More If You Were Here

Father’s Day

He had this maroon leather jacket. It was his “fancy” winter coat, sort of shiny, sort of bomber-style and sort of hideous. He must have worn it when he picked me up from the airport because these days I cannot get off a plane in Newark (I travel a fair amount) without picturing him waiting … More Father’s Day


I am thankful for the beach. I am thankful for Zoe. I am thankful for my sister and for my mom, and for the time I had with my dad. I am thankful for being just like my father. I am thankful for sweat pants. I am thankful for golden retrievers, Archie in particular. I … More Thankful


Most people claim their niece/nephew/baby cousin etc. are the cutest, most extraordinary babies in the world. I am now one of those people. Zoe Sally Theobald is truly the most incredible living thing ever. I think she is so fascinating to me because she is the first and only baby I have ever really been … More ZT

Just Listen

The answering machine at my shore house broke. The answering machine at my shore house broke and now I will never, ever hear my father’s voice again. The machine up north with his voice on the recording broke a while ago; my sister was so upset when she called one day and got a robot … More Just Listen