Too Many Belts, Too Much Yellow (Emmys 2012)

Erica: Check this out! It’s an Erica/Kate conversation about Emmys fashion! And yes, I’m going with Emmys and not Emmies. I don’t know. The latter looks wrong to me. Kate: Emmys is correct; even iPhone autocorrect recognizes it. Same with Tonys. (Right?) Erica: Right. Except iPhone autocorrect didn’t recognize “kale” and thought I wanted some “black male … More Too Many Belts, Too Much Yellow (Emmys 2012)

Anybody Out There

This was the funniest book about death I’ve ever read. The Lovely Bones? Not at all humorous. The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing? Didn’t crack one smile. Anybody Out There? Laugh-a-minute. So Marian Keyes‘ whole shtick is this Irish family, the Walshes, with five daughters, a hilarious Mammy and a clueless Father. I have read two … More Anybody Out There

SYTYCD Season 9 Top 6

Group Routine: “Scream” by Kelis, contemporary choreographed by Sonya Tayeh Kate: This was pretty good I thought, good partnering and separate dancing. And masks. Erica: Yeah. I’m really into Sonya Tayeh this year. Kate: But you can tell that Eliana really stands out from the other 2 chicks. Erica: Well, all the group choreographers have … More SYTYCD Season 9 Top 6