Control the Crazy

I am having a hard time believing I actually read all 230something pages of a book by a Jersey Shore cast member, but I sure did. Due to my recent enjoyment of nonfiction/celeb bio books by Andy Cohen, Mindy Kaling and Caroline Manzo, I had high hopes for what I didn’t know was an absurdly repetitive … More Control the Crazy

What Happened To Goodbye

My obsession with Sarah Dessen may or may not be reaching unhealthy levels. I am just constantly in awe of how well this woman writes teenagers, teenager romance and teenager-parent relationships, and her ability to get her reader so engrossed in the characters’ lives that said reader welcomes subway delays just so she can read more. What Happened To … More What Happened To Goodbye

Man of Steel

Let me start off by saying I very rarely enjoy superhero/comic book movies. I sort of liked the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies (the first one, anyway), I was really late to jump on the Iron Man bandwagon (but ew, Gwyneth‘s hair color), and I did NOT enjoy the new Christian Bale Batman movies — I prefer … More Man of Steel

Maybe This Time

I have discovered a type of trashy romance novel that I can seriously get behind: One with ghosts. Or other sci-fi/fantasy/Buffy-type subject matter. Jennifer Crusie’s Maybe This Time is about 30-something-year-old Andie, short for Andromeda, who is newly engaged and wants to cut off all ties to ex-husband North. But when Andie goes to meet with … More Maybe This Time